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For the past months, even years,  I have found myself in the middle of unpleasant thoughts that keep haunting me and I can’t seem to shake them off, no matter how I try. These thoughts raise their curious heads in the most surprising moments and now I have decided that I simply must start doing something to answer to the thoughts in my mind.

What I’m talking about are the constant guilty feelings that I have about the everyday actions that cause stress to our beautiful round globe we call Earth. Environmental issues have for a long time been very close to my heart. I have been trying to do my part in saving the planet by eating mainly vegetarian food and occasional fish for the past ten years (though these days my diet is mainly composed of vegan ingredients). I have tried to do my part in recycling things in my own household as well as possible. I have tried to reduce consuming stuff I don’t really need such as buying a pretty dress just because it’s so pretty.

What are the things then that make me so anxious that I decided to start this blog? Even though I’m doing my best to be a better person when it comes to being environmentally friendly, I’m still far far away from perfect. I do things that I’m most certainly not proud of: I love to travel to places that are relatively far away from my home country (which usually means a lot of kerosene going into the atmosphere), I buy cosmetics that are probably toxic as hell and I buy stuff to make my home look a more tolerable place to live in.

The aim of this blog is not to accuse anyone (excluding myself) of their consuming habits but to awake thoughts and question the everyday choices people make. Making people feel guilty doesn’t lead us anywhere. I don’t feel very warmly towards people who for some strange reason believe they are superior to their fellow citizens just because they think their life choices are the absolute truths. Instead, challenging our ways of thinking and living and considering alternative habits is, from my point of view, a step closer to changing things.

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